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Shammy Pro Towel - Absorber Synthetic Chamois Cloth Towel ( Code: P24456 )

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  • Absorb liquid 8 times more than ordinary cloth
  • Remove dust and soft fabric not to scratch the surface
  • Super absorbent and super clean
  • Can be used in bathing, drying hair, pets, cleaning kitchen, car and more
  • Large size 63cm x 41cm
Size 63cm x 41cm (LxW)
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Shammy Pro Towel
  • 1 x Plastic Storage Case

Shammy Pro Towel keeps the towel incredibly durable.Having the unique and minute pore structure,it can absorb 8 times capacity of liquid quickly than any other ordinary cloth without leaving fluff because the material is lint free.The towel can be easily wrung up and washable by machine.It can be used as hairdressing towel,sports towel,pet towel,car-wiping cloth and clean room wiper.

Product is similar but not exactly the same one as in video.

To maintain your chamois in good condition:

  • To clean chamois-wash in warm water with a mild soap detergent.
  • Whenever chamois dries up and becomes hard soak it in water for revitalization.
  • Always after use keep your clean-chamois slightly wet in the case supplied.