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4 Inch Car OBD2 GPS Speedometer HUD Head Up Digital Display RPM Speed Alarm Fault Code Clear For 12V Vehicle ( Code: P158690 )

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1. OBD mode function: car speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, RPM, single mileage, total mileage, driving time, number of satellite, altitude, time, intake pressure, oil temperature, air-fuel ratio, turbo pressure, intake pressure, acceleration test, brake test, clear fault code, read data stream;

Alarm: overspeed alarm, speed alarm, Coolant temperature alarm, voltage alarm;

2. GPS mode function: vehicle speed, voltage, satellite time, altitude, number of satellites, driving direction, single mileage, driving time, acceleration test, brake test;

Alarm: overspeed alarm, low voltage alarm;

3. OBD2 GPS Can work all of 12V sedan SUV MPV Pick-up,light truck vehicles, recommend all driver.





Screen size


Product size


Working voltage

 11V~18Vdc (12Vdc/200mA)


Package Included:

1 X

 Head Up Display Screen

1 X

 OBD Cable

1 X

 Suction Cup

1 X

 Instruction Manual

1 X