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Valentineâs Handbag Goodies ( Code: P155412 )

Deal: $99.95

Estimated Postage: $9.99

  • Surprise!
  • What's in the box with an RRP of 399 dollars?
  • 4 Different Woman's Designer Handbags
  • Random pick from our 100s of collection.
Package Contents:
  • 1x Goodie Bag (4 women's handags inside)

There are 50,000 Goodies Bags Sold across the years. For those of you who missed out previous Goodie Bag, stop cramping! Here is our New and Improved Goodie Bag for you! Get it early this time around before they get snatched up by your fellow members!

Yes, these goodie bags are limited to member only! So, be sure you get registered and steal the deal before time runs out!

So, what exactly is inside the Goodie Bag?
Well, today's Goodie Bag is women‘s designer handbags. RRP from $49.95 to $99.95 each. 4 random items in each bag.

Yes, that's 4 Items in a box with Total RRP Up to $399!

4 Handbags to be choosen from the following list RANDOMLY (Guarantee no dupicated)


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