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Backligt LCD Weather Station Alarm Clock Touch Screen With Remote Sensor Temperiture Humidity ( Code: P155012 )

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Package Contents:
  • 1 x Weather Station
  • 1 x Outdoor Sensor

- Time, perpetual calendar function, 12/24 hour system can choose.
- Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity display function, outdoor temperature and humidity have 3 channels to choose from.
-  The temperature unit can be switched between ºC/ºF. Temperature accuracy requires +/-0.5ºC and humidity accuracy requires +/-5%.
- Memory shows the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity functions.
- Weather forecast function: Sunny, Partly Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy 4 modes.
- With radio wave time function, 4 digits display: Hour, Minute
- Function keys: MEM / SET, CH / UP, WAVE / DOWN, ALARM SONNZE.
- The host external low voltage reminder, transmitter low power reminder
- RCC standard lock point selection dcf and msf and wwvb no-rcc lock point
- With dc detection port 3 sets of backlight selection in the case of dc, bright, slightly bright, off
- Snooze time can be set, the setting range is 5-60 minutes

12/24H Switch | Temp&Humidity Display | Time Display | Alarm Clock | Unite Conversion 

Specification :

Material  ABS
Color  Black
Weight  200g
Weather Station: 14 x 9 x 2.4cm
Outdoor Sensor: 10 x 3.7 x 1.9cm
Power Supply
Weather Station: 3 x AAA Battery 1.5V
Outdoor Sensor: 2 x AAA  Battery 1.5V
(Battery Is Not Included)
Display Orange LCD Backlit Display 
Temperature Indoor : -10℃~50.0℃ (14℉~122℉)
Outdoor : -40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉)
Memory Display Max. (Min) Temperature And Humidity Function
Humidity Range 20%~95%
Weather Collection Update 1 Hour
Dynamic Weather Forecast
Sunny, Partly Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy
Snooze Time
Setting Range 5-60 Minutes
Country Most Countries In The World
Calendar & Time
Weather Forecast & Barometric Display
IN&OUT Temperature & Humidity & Trend (°C/°F)
Max/Min Temperature/Humidity Record 
IN&OUT Max/Min Temperature Alert 
Sunrise & Sunset Time Display
Indoor Comfort Display
Battery Low Indicator
 Alarm with Snooze Function