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Wireless Solar Automobile Car Vehicle Tire Pressure Temperature Monitoring System Devices ( Code: P140472 )

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  • Pressure set range: 05-6.0 bar(7-87psi)
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Temperature set range: 50℃-99℃
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
Package Contents:
  • 1 X Tire Temperature Monitoring Device Kit

Auto-induction charging with solar power.
2. Triggering alarm against excessive pressure and temperature.
3. Sound and voice alarm.
4. Multiple pressure units(PSI and BAR optional).
5. Multiple pressure units(℃ and ℉ optional).
6. Users can set alarm vale for tire pressure and temperature.
7. Interchangeability of installation position on tire.
8. Display in capable of wake-up function with slight movement.
9. Display can automatically enable back light.
10. Display is equipped with re chargeable battery.
11. Monitoring up to seven tire(including spare tire).
12. Display shoes the pressure or the temperature of four tires simultaneously.
13. Triggering alarm for emergency leakage.
14. Simple installation and stable performance.


Technical Parameters Of Sensor:

   Built in sensor  External sensor
 Operating temperature  -40℃-+125℃  -40℃-80℃
 Pressure range  0-4.5bar(0-65psi)  0-4.5bar(0-65psi)
 Pressure accuracy  ±1.5psi(±0.1bar)  ±1.5psi(±0.1bar)
 Temperature accuracy  ±0.3℃  ±0.3℃
 Transmission power  <10dBm  <10dBm
 Transmission frequency  433.92MHz  433.92MHz
 Batter service  ≥5 years  ≥2 years