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60PCS of EVA Multicoloured Water Growing Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Toys for Children Gift #02 ( Code: P129171 )

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  • Made of EVA material, durable and solid.
  • Allowing you to re-explore the animal hatching process.
  • Just put the egg into the water, then it will burst, hatch a small dinosaur and slowly grow up.
  • Slow hatching process is conducive to cultivating child patience, observation, etc., quite meaningful novelty toys.
  • A good choice for gift to your kids
Material: EVA
Pattern: Rain spot, Matte
Size: (Dia.)X(H) 2X3cm /0.79''X1.18''(appr.)
Package Contents:
  • 60 x Dinosaur Eggs

Instructions for use
1. Unpack the bag, take out one or more eggs, put the egg in the water until completely submerged.
(Note: the water temperature should be less than 30 degrees, not sun exposure, the water temperature is too high, otherwise the dinosaur sun)
2.12-24 hours later, eggshell began to crack, to keep the whole egg was flooded
(Note: dinosaur out of the location and manner is not fixed, may be at the top or in the middle of hatch out)
3. When the dinosaur hatches out, it will keep growing up, please keep patience, in the process of growing up, dinosaurs can be
a bit deformed, as long as the water is submerged, it will become more complete, but if you leave the water, it may become smaller Oh!
(Note: full growth takes a week, the bigger the dinosaur grows slower)
Note: the egg shell surface is painted, due to large shipments, all dinosaur eggs are new to do, so there may be a little paint taste, received the goods to open all the packaging, so that eggs bare one or two hours, and then no smell oh, the paint is environmental, please provide it for children to use without worry.