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5x 8Pin Lightning USB Data Charger Cable for iPhone 5S 5C 5 iPod Touch Nano 7 iPad 4 Mini ( Code: BUNDLE 1421 )

Don't Pay: $49.95
Deal: $9.95

Estimated Postage: $2.99

  • Compatible with all new devices: iPhone 5S 5C 5, iPod touch 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad nano 7
  • Cable length 1M
  • Allows data transfer and charging
Length 100cm
Package Contents:
  • 5 X USB Data cable

Are you forever running out of battery on your iProducts? Charge them up with the iPhone 5 USB Cable (also support iPad4 Mini iPad). There's never any harm in getting an extra cable for all those times when you really really need it! Keep one with you in your bag, or at work or just keep one for your laptop!

Of course if you have an iProduct, you'll know that this cable is also perfect for data transfer, so plug it in and start moving those music and movies.

So get yourself an iPod iPhone cable, it really will come in handy.