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Automatic Pet Feeder - Nursemaid Remote controlled White Colour ( Code: P51203 )

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  • Keep your pet perfectly cared for when you are traveling or unable to attend!
  • Digital Metered Pet Feeder
  • Wireless infrared Remote Controller
  • Adjustable food amount - Set standard feeding amount
  • Time - Set feeding time
  • Digital display and keypad
  • 1/2 to 5 cup portion sizes
  • The Capacity of this Auto Feeder is 4.5kg Pet Food
  • Record a personal message for your pet
  • Feed from 1 to 4 times per day
  • Translucent hopper shows food level
  • Hopper/bin detaches easily for periodic cleaning
  • Pet proof lock on lid prevents accidental spillage - keeps pet from over-eating
Material Plastic
Dimensions Tray - 21cm(W) x 4cm(H) x 23.5cm(D)
Tank - 23cm(W) x 19cm(H) x 24cm(D)
Overall - 23cm(W) x 35cm(H) x 44cm(D)
Power 9W
Weight 2.8kg
Package Contents:
  • 1x Auto Feeder - White Colour
  • 1x Tray
  • 1x Power adapter
  • 1x User Manual

Whether you are a traveler and often away from home or just a pet owner that wants a simple way to dispense your pets food, this programmable feeder will offer you not only a practical means of caring for you pet, but also peace of mind.

"Pet Nursemaid"-Automatic Pet Feeder employs the advanced electric structure and microcomputer digit control technology. It is featured with an LCD display with memory function, infrared remote-control receiving system, voice recording and play equipments, so that you may feed the pets easily at any time at home and feed them at the adjustable time and quantity when you are out. at the same time, it will play the music or record to remind the pets to come to have food.

The pet feeder may help pets to have food when the masters stay thousands of kilometers away from home or out for short holidays. In this case, you can go out without worrying about the pets.

Instruction :

Press on/off button on remote control, RED light on product will turn on, then you can operate by remote control
keep the RED led light turn on, press on/off button on product about 5 seconds, when you heard “D~” then can operate by keypad