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Spatastic Head Scalp Massager ( Code: P49885 )

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  • Improve blood circulation by massaging head or points on body
  • Strong vibrating penetrates deep into muscle tissues, relieve from aches and fatigue
  • Remove the muscle tension and tiredness
  • Suitable for home, travel and office use
  • Ideal for Health Care
Condition New
Material Handle (metal), Fingers (Stainless Steel), Touch Points (Plastic)
Shape 12 Retractable "Fingers"
Weight Approx. 0.71 oz/20g
Handle length Approx. 3.15'' / 8cm
Handle Dimeter 0.35'' /0.9cm
Short Antenna 4.92'' / 12.5cm
Long Antenna 6.29'' / 16cm
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Spatastic Head Scalp Massager

Designed to stimulate your senses in a relaxing way, this Spatastic Head Scalp Massager can improve your blood circulation by penetrating deep into muscle tissues and relieve from aches and fatigue. With this Head Scalp massager, all you need is to gently lower onto someone's head, working from the crown. With a slow and gentle, almost teasing action, lower the Head Scalp massager all the way down (the pressure points located on the back of the neck are very sensitive, ensure the rear arms reach down there.) Then, slowly raise the Head Scalp Massager up again until it comes away from the head, rotate slightly and lower onto the head. The magic feeling of the Head Scalp Massager will send shivers of delight down your spine.

This is such a great gift for family, friends and yourself! Buy one today when you are feeling a little run down.