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Bug Buster - Electric Fly Swatter ( Code: P47647 )

Don't Pay: $49.99
Deal: $29.95

Estimated Postage: $7.95

  • On/Off Button
  • Press button to activate net /release button to de-activate net
  • Red light indicates net is 'hot' (on).
  • Simply push the button on handle to zap away those annoying bugs
  • Kill Flies Instantly
  • Portable Zapper
  • Extremely light weight
  • *Takes 2 AA batteries (Batteries are NOT included)
  • Available in Green/Orange (colours are randomly dispatched)
Dimension 18 L x 6.25 W x 1 H
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Bug Buster - Electric Fly Swatter

Electric Fly Swatter kills all flying insects such as mosquitos, flies, and gnats, just by waving at them with the electric fly swatter. And, the Electric Fly Swatter is small enough to take with you, wherever you go. The output power is relatively low, constituting no real hazard to humans or pets. The Electric Fly Swatter has no smell, and contains no poisonous or harmful materials. Electric Fly Swatter is safe for indoor or outdoor use.


*Our version is approved as per Australian standards

 **The net will become hot when activated, so please keep away from your skin, and from children.