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Hang 'N' Vac- Airtight Compact Storage Bag ( Code: P47333 )

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  • Made of Sturdy heavy-duty plastic
  • Space-Saving for wardrobe
  • Airtight and waterproof seal to keep out musty odors, moisture, dirt
  • hygienic, economical
  • Reusable
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Hang 'N' Vac- Airtight Compact Storage Bag

Is your wardrobe always running out of space? No Problem! This Hang 'N' Vac- Airtight Compact Storage Bag will be your big helper! It not only helps to increase your wardrobe and storage space, but also keep out musty odors, moisture, dirt and remain hygienic . If you think the bulky jackets, blankets or pillows that take up lots of space, you can just put them all in this compressed Storage Bag. It will help you to reduce volume up to 75%.

So, how does it work?

To pack the bag:

 ItemsItemsItems should be completely dry prior to packing. Do not overstuff the bag, place items in the bag leaving 6'' of space below opening.

To seal the bag:

Press seal together at one edge. Firmly and slowly slide thumb along the entire length of the seal. Repeat this process in the opposite direction.

Storing and handling the bag:


The sealed bag should not be held or carried near the zipper- vac seal. The bag should be stored in a flat position or a vertical position (with the zipper in the upper position)


Reopening the bag:


Gently pull the zipper-vac seal apart from the center. To restore the loft of filled items such as cusions, down items, duvets etc. tumble in cool dryer or fluff items by hand.