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Magnetic Window Cleaner ( Code: P47031 )

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  • Mirrors, Granite Bench Tops, Tile surfaces
  • Glass - Tables, Shower doors, Sliding doors, Display windows, Store front windows and doors.
  • Windows - RVs, Boats, Trucks, Motor-homes and Car
  • Any other smooth hard non-magnetic surface
  • Perfect for hard to reach multi-story windows
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Magnetic Window Cleaner

This is the ideal window cleaning product. It can also be used as a single sided mirror or window cleaner.

When used as a pair, they will WASH and DRY BOTH SIDES of a window at the SAME TIME in one single action. That means you can clean effortlessly.

 Additionally this Magnetic Window Cleaner allows you to clean those hard to access outside windows, without going outside, thus no more dangerous high rise antics. They are also ideal for multi-story buildings.

This Magnetic Window Cleaner sponge washes the window surface while the rubber blades leave the window dry and streak free. When two Window Mates are used on opposite sides of a window our unique magnet system will hold them firmly in place while you clean.