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HERCULES Furniture Lifter & Sliders ( Code: P46914 )

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  • Allows you to Move Things All by Yourself!
  • Works on carpeted or smooth flooring
  • Soft No Scratch
  • Does not harm furniture
  • Easy to use
Package Contents:
  • 1 x HERCULES Furniture Lifter & Sliders- 5pcs per set

Why bother to pay for Moving Furniture Companies to move and lift your furniture. You can now do them all by yourself! Thank you for this new invention- HERCULES Furniture Lifter & Sliders- Lift 10x Your Strength! How does this work?

Simply insert lifter tool under furniture edges and tilt back to lift furniture easily. Then, simply slip the sliders in place & your're ready to side your furniture to its new place. Finally, a quick raise and slide and you can now move the furniture easily. With these easy steps, these allow you to lift 10x your strength of furniture and objects in your house easily.  Try this HERCULES Furniture Lifter & Sliders today and you will find they are so helpful!