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Solar Sun Jar Powered Lamp ( Code: P46059 )

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  • Solar Recharageable Battery
  • Automatically turns on when it gets dark
  • Low energy LED Lamp
  • Save electricity & energy cost and usage
  • *Perfect gift for everyone
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Solar Recharageable glass Latern LED Powered Lamp
  • Instruction Manual

If you want to save up electricity cost and the energy usage, this Solar Recharageable glass Latern LED Powered Lamp will be the good invention for you! This is a fantastic mood light which is intelligently designed with a highly efficient solar cell, which creates an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours.

So, how does this work? When the jar is placed under the sun, the solar cell will quickly absorb the sunlight and make it charges the battery. So, when the sky gets darker or the lights are turned off, it will automatically turn on and give you a warm and ambient light. This Solar Recharageable glass Latern LED Powered Lamp also features a switch which allows you to turn the light off to conserve energy.

With this intelligent design, it creates a night-light using a completely natural and renewable energy source. Overall, it saves your electricity costs and energy usage. This is pefect for indoor for bedrooms, hallways and outdoors for garden and any outdoor activities.

Get this Solar Recharageable glass Latern LED Powered Lamp today and you will surely love it!