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Electronic Butterfly in a Jar ( Code: P46033 )

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  • -Look like a real Butterfly flittering around in a jar
  • -Tap on the lid & see the Butterfly fly!!
  • -Can keep the Butterfly forever and ever (only requires new batteries from time to time)
  • -4 Colours of Butterflies available (Pink Morpho, Blue Morpho, Wanderer & Yellow Swallow)
  • *Colour dispatched randomly
  • **Batteries NOT included
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Electronic Butterfly in a Jar
  • Batteries NOT included

When we were young, we liked putting butterflies in bottles so we could keep them forever. But, the fact is they always died. This Electronic Butterfly in a Jar will not upset you because the trick is, when you tap on the lid & you will see the Butterfly fly!! Each Electronic Butterfly in a Jar has a wire in it. The wire has a fake butterfly on the end. When you tap the top of the bottle or make a loud sound, the electronics in the cap makes the wire wiggle. This will amaze your kids and pets too. Cats are crazily attracted and got attention to this toy.

Get this Electronic Butterfly in a Jar. They seriously look real!!