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NetComm NP204 Powerline Adapters, 200 Mbps ( Code: P45392 )

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  • Transfer the Internet around your house using the existing network of power lines
  • High speed data rates of up to 200Mbps
  • Ideal for connecting PCs, TVs, gaming consoles, blu-ray players, TiVo and other networkable devices
  • AC pass-through built in - plug other electrical devices into the same power point
  • AC pass-through socket uses noise filtering to ensure your data signal is not disrupted by other electrical devices
  • Plug and play - no setup required
  • Extremely compact in size - fits nicely behind furniture or amongst a home entertainment environment
  • Twin Pack
  • Safety Approval SSA101230EA
Package Contents:
  • NetComm NP204 Powerline Adapters with AC Pass-through Twin Pack


The NetComm 200Mbps Powerline Adapters with AC Pass-through allow you to create an Internet connection point in your house using the existing network of power lines. The Internet signal is transferred between the two pre-paired adapters – all you have to do is connect them to an available power point.

With more devices becoming Internet enabled, there is a need for fast, reliable connections in various rooms. The NP204 provides an easy method to transfer the Internet around your house.

With built in AC pass-through, you are able to use the same power point to plug in other electrical appliances. This allows you to connect the powerline adapter directly to the wall, guaranteeing the best possible signal and reduces the likelihood of needing to use powerboards and double adapters. The NP204 also features built-in filtering to reduce noise introduced by other electrical devices around the home to improve the network performance over the power lines.

The NP204 has a very compact form factor and is unobtrusive making it easy to conceal behind furniture and home entertainment units.